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NHS Praxis

The project

Bright took a wide ranging look at what the Trust proposed. It was clear to us that there were huge opportunities to develop PRAXIS CBT well beyond its previous capabilities. We proposed going beyond the scope of the original Trust brief by providing tools to build a socially networked learning community for the students and teachers alike. The project needed a coherent and integrated approach to the user experience: how customers and users interface with the service, interactivity and how it can be best used to maximise the effectiveness of the learning content, and how the product is branded, packaged and marketed. The course was centred around drama-based film scenarios which illustrate realistic case studies of CBT practice in action. Assessments can be completed online and interactive drag-and-drop, audio clips, essays and multiple choice exercises allow the user to engage with the material in an interactive way.

Roles and responsibilities:

Responsibilities: Research, learning needs analysis, user experience design, instructional design, coordinating team of content specialists and writers, interface design, management of video production (over 15 days of filming across the UK), post production supervision.
Hands on: Video editing and grading of video, development of interactivity and web based programming.