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Resus Online

The project:

In conjunction with an NHS resuscitation specialist, we designed an effective low-cost online resuscitation support package, designed specifically to support in-hospital resuscitation officers in the NHS. The package covers several different types of resuscitation, including adult and paediatric basic life support.

The resources use a mix of interactive exercises and video presentations to explain basic life support theory. Users work through the lessons, including a hospital specific section customized to their own Trust, before being awarded a certificate of completion.

Roles and responsibilities:

Responsibilities: learning needs analysis, user/learning experience design, translating existing offline content for use online, coordinating content specialists, instructional design, video production management.
Hands on: Video Editing and After Effects of short video clips with graphical overlay, web development on the LMS and creation of Flash based exercises and instructional interactive graphics.

Visit the website:

You can access the free preview using the username: student and the password: student.